Years ago, my house was full of Ghostbusters paraphernalia and children shouting “Ghostbusters” in response to the above question. The famous Ghostbusters were on call and ready to capture the unwanted ghosts inhabiting anyone’s home.

But…who you gonna call when you need Real Estate assistance? I’d love it if you’d call me!
When I want to hire a plumber, I ask family, friends, and colleagues for referrals of someone who performed a job for them and met or exceeded their expectations. I find that business relationships spurred through a connection to someone I know and trust and respect are often the most successful.

Most people do not understand how important referrals are to individual Real Estate Agents. I know hundreds of people. Heck, I have hundreds of family members (yes, I have a really big family!). Yet I sometimes hear that a friend or family member purchased or sold a home in another city or state…and I could have helped them even long distance. Yes, referrals work – even long distance!

Long distance – Mackintosh is part of Leading RE, a referral company that connects with hundreds of other local Real Estate Companies around the world. I can be personally involved in helping you find an agent who I believe will work well with your needs and personality. In that way you will get someone vetted by me and who is ready to work for you. It’s actually easier than finding an agent on your own.

Local – I’ve lived in Frederick since 1986, and been intensively involved in housing issues since 1994. I know the local area and am willing to go the extra mile for my clients. I am honored when someone refers a friend, relative, or colleague to me.

Let me be clear. Referrals help my business whether they are local or long distance. My business as a real estate agent is to work hard for you, your family, your friends, your colleagues….anyone that is referred to me. I value the trust and confidence others place in me and my reputation is key to me.

So….”Who You Gonna Call?”….whether you need real estate service or information or guidance locally or long distance, call Donna!

Donna Kuzemchak, 301-964-9988, donnak@machomes.com
Mackintosh Realtors, 301-662-0155

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