What’s Brewing in Frederick?

Tenth Ward Distillery

What’s brewing in Frederick these days?  Yummy liquid beverages to soothe your throat and raise your “spirits”! 

Brewing and Distilling

X Ward

Brewing the perfect beer, developing state of the art cider, distilling unique whiskeys and brandies, and making wine provide new experiences in a City that already has much to offer.  Providing unique and special adult beverages requires the perfect combination of creative art and science, along with the right location and space.  The manufacturers provide the creativity and science, while Frederick provides the perfect location and space.

It’s a recipe for delicious fun!



Brewing in Frederick

Flying Dog Brewery

Did you know that Frederick boasts over one-half of Maryland’s wine production with more than 120 acres of vineyards nearby?  New breweries and distilleries are popping up all around serving craft beers and other adult drinks.  It forms a sort of Frederick Wine/Beer Trail of nationally acclaimed beverages.  

(Please don’t set out on the trail driving yourself.  A Designated Driver is a necessity!)



Frederick County is also home to Maryland’s first licensed cidery.  Located in Jefferson, Distillery Lane Ciderworks offers fresh and hard ciders from its over 3,000 tree orchard. DLC also offers cider making classes and tours of its historic location.

Brewing and distilling in Frederick

Great places for great beverages!

Frederick is the right location for local brewing, distilling, cider and wine making.  It’s also the perfect place for enjoying inventive flavors of other beverages amidst the fun of Frederick life.

Art + Science = Flavor + Fun in Frederick!

Looking for a place to live full of flavor and fun? Want to live in a place you can take family and friends to year-round tours and tastings?  Call me about the possibilities in Frederick, Maryland.

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