Winter takes a hike and so should You!


Hike with Loki and his backpack

Hike with Loki and his backpack

Finally, winter took a hike; now, so can we!  It’s time to get outside and enjoy this wonderful place many of us are lucky to call home.

Spring is the perfect time to explore all kinds of inviting paths around Frederick.  You can take a hike on the 15 miles of trails at Gambrill Mountain straddling the Catoctin Mountain Ridge or take a leisurely stroll along the paved walks of Carroll Creek Linear Park with your pet on a leash.  You can increase your speed to a calorie burning pace in Baker Park from Bentz Street to Schifferstadt.  Check out the City of Frederick website ( that identifies 4 different paths around Baker Park each with different distances.

Enjoy more adventurous treks at Cunningham Falls (although I suggest you wait a few months to actually get in the Falls).  The trails there offer both short and moderate length hikes as well as a longer 8 mile loop.  Take your camera and enjoy the great overlooks  at Wolf and Chimney Rocks.

Walk some of the historic 185 mile towpath of the C&O Canal (by the way it’s open year round), the numerous trails and loops on Sugarloaf Mountain  or South Mountain where you meet the border of the Appalachian Trail.

If you love history, visit the Monocacy Battlefield for scenery and to trace the path of the battle or take a walking tour of downtown Frederick (my kids still remember the story of “Spite”) or stop at the Visitor Center in downtown Brunswick and pick up a walking tour brochure that outlines 13 stops and begins along the Potomac River.

Want company on your hike?  Check out or contact The Mountain Club of Maryland at or the local branch of the Sierra Club at  OR call your neighbor, meet at the closest park and follow the path you see.

Adrian keeps on hiking

Adrian keeps on hiking

East, West, North, and South – wherever you live in this area, a hiking adventure is waiting for you and your comfortable shoes!  You probably won’t be the first person to walk the path you find.

Did you know:  Wolf Rock is a quartzite formation that is reported to be 550 million years old. While standing there think about whose shoes might have already been in that very spot!

Want to make your home in or near this hiking wonderland?

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