Reflections on Frederick

Reflections in spring

Reflections in Carroll Creek

For years, Bill Adkins has artfully captured the essence of Frederick with his trusty camera, and this photo of reflections in Carroll Creek made me think of how I tend to reflect on my years of living in Frederick when I take an evening stroll in the park. Frederick isn’t the sleepy town I moved to in 1986.  Back then, the downtown sidewalks rolled up at 6PM. Frederick has evolved into a vibrant, eclectic community of residents, businesses, shops, and restaurants.  The City has more than doubled in size – providing friendships and possibilities I never imagined when I moved here.

This picture captures the heart of an evening walk in the park – the gentle curving brick walkway, the still water of Carroll Creek, the twilight evening, the gorgeous sky, the reflection of the walkway lining trees on the water, and the green lush grass.  The street lamps invite two walkers further along the path, and the reflection in the water invites us to contemplate the joys of life.  Ahhhh you say… a calm and quiet evening stroll….time to think and enjoy and reflect.

I see many of you strolling the downtown streets taking in the atmosphere, enjoying the architecture, checking out the storefront window displays; and I see you strolling along the Creek greeting passersby with a simple smile or a cheery hello.  I see you in Baker Park sitting on the many wonderfully placed benches just watching and seeing what that spot has to offer; and I see you in your neighborhoods enjoying our safe and eclectic community.

So what are you thinking about at those times?  What do those walks and quiet times mean to you?  What are you reflecting on?  I’d love to know and I’d love potential residents to the Frederick area to know your reflections.  Help me help them see more of what Frederick has to offer.  Submit your thoughts and comments and next time I see you on the walkway, know that your reflections have helped me better share the Frederick that we love.


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