Leave the drive to someone else! Live, Work in Frederick!

“Leave the driving to us!”  You may be too young to remember the Greyhound bus tag line.   Greyhound wanted to get you to your destination by doing the driving for you. Surely there are many days you sit in crowded traffic lanes commuting elsewhere and wish you could leave the driving to someone else or just leave the driving period!

Well, you can leave the driving or at the very least cut it down by hours.   Work and live in Frederick.   Check out the thousands of businesses located in the greater Frederick area. Leave the two plus hour commute behind and look for a job and career home as well as a home to live in Frederick.


Frederick offers great locations for small entrepreneurial companies like Wood Street, known nationwide.


One of the large industrial parks like this one on English Muffin Way




Large businesses in industrial parks as well as small entreprenuerial companies are encouraged to establish, emerge, and grow with the support of the Office of Economic Development, the first Chamber of Commerce chartered in the U.S., and the local Entrepreneurial Council.


Statistically there are 9000 businesses and 1300 farms in the Frederick area.


Industry on Seventh Street


Performing arts, culinary industry, health care

fields,  construction industry, insurance industry

and many other fields of work here offer great

alternatives to Interstate 270 commutes.  









Frederick Memorial Hospital – one of Frederick’s largest employers in a thriving health care field here.

Large employers like Frederick Memorial Hospital

or small and varied agencies and offices located in

restored structures like the Glass Factory on  

4th Street create opportunities for short, easy  

travel on a daily basis



The Glass Factory – home to a host of small businessesl



Mid-size employers like

the Homewood at Frederick Retirement


Homewood at Frederick’s newest Willow Ponds retirement campus

campuses and many

other retirement


are within even the

Frederick City limits.  

Live downtown, work

downtown makes an

even better commute!



Frederick abounds in career and employment options in local government (city and county offices) and in Federal Government at Ft. Detrick with its biomedical, military, and communications operations.

Positions in education exist on campuses including the public and charter schools, Maryland School for the Deaf, Frederick Community College, and Hood College.

Reduced gas costs, reduced wear and tear on your car, reduced environmental pollution, improved local economy are just some of the benefits to less commuting.  Not to mention, reduced wear and tear on you!

Live here, Work here. Live better.

Call me for help in locating a home in an area that offers so many commute less options.

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