It’s all about Trust

Donna Kuzemchak
Trust your Realtor

Priscilla and Marshall’s new home

Picking a Realtor is all about trust.  You need someone who will answer all your questions.  Someone who understands that you don’t buy or sell houses every day.  Someone you’re comfortable with.  Someone who will be honest with you even if it’s bad news.  In essence, find someone you can trust.

Having a Realtor help you sell your house can save you time and money.  Only a Realtor can put your property on the local Listing Service, which is the best marketing tool you can use.  A Realtor understands the intricacies of selling and is able to to help you figure out the sometimes convoluted selling process.  S/he will will do a market analysis and help you list your home at a price that will attract potential buyers.  S/he will shepherd the process from listing to contract through to closing.


Trust your Title Company

Smiles at the closing table

Some Realtors will tell you that you should have an Exclusive Buyers Agent to purchase a home. I agree it’s good to have an agent working exclusively for you as a buyer, but it’s not always necessary.  Having someone who knows what you are looking for and is helping you find the right house at the right price is invaluable.  Having someone who is able to help you negotiate a good price for the home you want to buy can save you thousands of dollars.

Having someone you can trust is priceless.


Trust your Listing Agent

Under contract in 8 days!

Listing Agents work for the seller.  As a buyer, you can still choose to use the listing agent to help purchase a property that you want.  Just remember that according to Maryland law, the Listing Agent works for the seller.  S/he must still be honest with you, and isn’t allowed to hide latent defects in the home.  Agents can work for the seller and still help you as a buyer.


Having a professional Realtor help you buy or sell your home is in your best interests.  Using one you trust is the most important decision of all!


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