It’s Springin’


blue flowers

Color me blue


Doesn’t it feel a little like a seasonal April Fool?   April 1, 2016, and the cherry blossoms are just about finished, daffodils and hyacinths are blooming, tulip foliage is full and green and buds are visible, and oh good grief, grass is springing up all over and ready for mowing!

SPRINGIN’   …the arising of nature within a fairly short time from the drab dark and cold of winter to new blooming growth and beauty.  This especially early spring might feel a little like an April Fool joke but the reality of this early springin’ of blooming color in our region fills the senses and is oh so welcome.

Skip all that traffic to the DC tidal basin.  Frederick’s springin’ is more than worthy of a long walk or easy drive to view the eye popping masses of bright yellow forsythia gorgeous whether on the tips of a carefully trimmed bush or in the sprawling shoots of weeping shrubs covering a hillside, or enjoy the vision of white at the top of the trees as you travel north on South Market Street and so many other of our area streets and roads, and savor the bursts of color from bulbs so many residents carefully plant in their yards and on hillsides bordering roads whether an acre or a couple of square feet.

Uncover the patio furniture early this year and breathe in the fresh air.  Enjoy an early April Day on the deck of your townhomes and hang a birdfeeder.  Get out on the balcony of your apartments and enjoy the view.  There is nothing like livin’ in Frederick for “Springin”!

Weather forecast for International Falls, Minnesota for April 1 is temperature of 29 degrees with a mix of snow and rain.  Ready to move to Frederick, MD?


Exploding Forsythia

trimmed forsythia

Coiffed Forsythia

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A Walk in the Park

Creek Walkers

Who would have thought a walk in the park would look like this? I’m not one to take long walks in the cold, but these people sure look like they’re having fun!

And the ice on Carroll Creek Linear Park is a great reminder that tomorrow is my favorite First Saturday of the year – Fire in Ice. Downtown Frederick Partnership provides some great events throughout the year that make it fun to live in downtown Frederick, and Fire in Ice is at the top of my list.

Ice sculptures, live ice sculpting, fire dancing, an ice playground and s’more treats abound in downtown on this evening each year, and the result is spectacular! With almost no chance of precipitation and highs in the 40’s, tomorrow will be perfect to enjoy this little sl-ice of Heaven. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you!

If you’d like to live where the fun continues year-round, contact me at or 301-964-9988.

Photo from The Photo Shop.

You can visit Bill Adkins’ blog, A Year on Market, at

Visit to get a list of times and events.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow?

Donna Kuzemchak

Anyone who was saying “Let it snow” in Maryland last week got what s/he wanted (and probably a few fists shaken at him/her). According to numbers from the National Weather service, blizzard conditions dumped from 29.5”-35” of snow between 2PM Friday and 4AM Sunday. By Monday, cabin fever was rampant. On Tuesday, there was a report of a fist fight over who got to go through a street that was only plowed wide enough for one car. It’s Friday, and roads still aren’t clear enough to make it safe for schools to open. Why would anyone want to live here? Honestly, there are too many reasons to count.

Frederick is big enough to have art galleries, great restaurants and shops, terrific parks, and lots more to enjoy, but small enough for people to care for one another. And care for one another, they did. From simple things like Game Night at East of Market Apartments to free lunches at 4 Frederick County Public Schools to get food to kids who may not otherwise get a hot meal…from neighbors helping shovel one another out to residents and businesses sharing cookies and hot drinks with plow drivers…

And the sheer beauty of the blizzard of 2016!

Baker Park snow

Mount Olivet in snow

Church Street snow

A wintry day from inside

The beauty of a snow drift

Sunset snow in field

To me, the question is: Why would anyone want to live anywhere else? If you’re interested in living in Frederick, give me a call at 301-964-9988 or email me at After all, why would you want to live anywhere else?

Did you know: Frederick County DPW is responsible for maintaining approximately 1,150 miles of roadways and 207 bridges. That’s a LOT of snow to remove! (

Special thanks to Gail Hambrick Sadler and Hayden Duke for letting me use their gorgeous pictures of the snow!


Years ago, my house was full of Ghostbusters paraphernalia and children shouting “Ghostbusters” in response to the above question. The famous Ghostbusters were on call and ready to capture the unwanted ghosts inhabiting anyone’s home.

But…who you gonna call when you need Real Estate assistance? I’d love it if you’d call me!
When I want to hire a plumber, I ask family, friends, and colleagues for referrals of someone who performed a job for them and met or exceeded their expectations. I find that business relationships spurred through a connection to someone I know and trust and respect are often the most successful.

Most people do not understand how important referrals are to individual Real Estate Agents. I know hundreds of people. Heck, I have hundreds of family members (yes, I have a really big family!). Yet I sometimes hear that a friend or family member purchased or sold a home in another city or state…and I could have helped them even long distance. Yes, referrals work – even long distance!

Long distance – Mackintosh is part of Leading RE, a referral company that connects with hundreds of other local Real Estate Companies around the world. I can be personally involved in helping you find an agent who I believe will work well with your needs and personality. In that way you will get someone vetted by me and who is ready to work for you. It’s actually easier than finding an agent on your own.

Local – I’ve lived in Frederick since 1986, and been intensively involved in housing issues since 1994. I know the local area and am willing to go the extra mile for my clients. I am honored when someone refers a friend, relative, or colleague to me.

Let me be clear. Referrals help my business whether they are local or long distance. My business as a real estate agent is to work hard for you, your family, your friends, your colleagues….anyone that is referred to me. I value the trust and confidence others place in me and my reputation is key to me.

So….”Who You Gonna Call?”….whether you need real estate service or information or guidance locally or long distance, call Donna!

Donna Kuzemchak, 301-964-9988,
Mackintosh Realtors, 301-662-0155

Yoga experiences in Frederick

Alyssa yoga
A Community of Light and Life

I am not a devotee of yoga – At various times, I’ve attempted downward dog or warrior pose, and I have some close friends and family members (one is in the above photo) who are serious devotees; but I am fascinated by all the yoga opportunities that appear in different locations throughout our city.

The residents of downtown Frederick and nearby area are surrounded with abundant opportunities to engage in yoga whether they choose to enroll at a yoga studio such as Shala Wellness Center or Sol Yoga, or Mountain Spirit Yoga where the practice of yoga is complemented with pilates, meditation, massage, individual yoga therapy and other healing arts or at the Frederick Meditation Center focused on Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) or at the Expanding Heart Center offering yoga, holistic counselling, acupuncture, tai chi, qi gong and more.

In addition, yoga classes can be found at Gold’s Gym and Sport & Health and Choi’s Martial Arts – all lending different perspectives to the practice and offering different complementary health and fitness programs. The FMH Wellness Center at FSK Mall offers yoga for cancer survivors, pilates, and aroma and sound therapy.

Classes are held in historic downtown buildings, beside Carroll Creek, in businesses, in rooms of corporate offices, in gyms, in clinic settings, in church settings with candlelight and in private homes.

Where is not important – what is important is that each location offers the sanctuary and practice that meets the needs of each student. And that is one of the beauties of Frederick – a place where so many diverse programs offering health and healing are available and where large numbers of residents benefit from and support those programs.

Yoga, along with so many other activities seeking health and wholeness, enhances the Spirit of Frederick. Yoga adds another dimension to the Frederick lifestyle. Each session of a yoga gathering ends with the words “Namaste” – accompanied by a bowing from teacher to student and back acknowledging the light each recognizes in the other. How great it is to live among so many in the population actively seeking wholeness and calm and peace and health and healing and light.

Namaste Frederick!

Want to live in a city that offers and supports diverse lifestyles? Talk to me about Frederick, Maryland. Donna Kuzemchak, 301-964-9988,

Owning a Home in a Historic District




Downtown Frederick Historic District

Downtown Frederick Historic District



You’ve been told living in a Historic District is a pain in the butt. Without the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) and its dedication to preserving our historic fabric, Frederick’s downtown would not be the charming, vibrant destination that people love to explore. If you ignore the hysterics and look at the facts, Frederick’s Downtown Historic Preservation District (HPD) can be a wonderful place to buy a home!

Let’s separate fact from fiction:
1. FICTION: It’s more expensive to live in the FHD (Frederick Town Historic District).
FACT: General maintenance in the FHD may be more, but you more than make up for that in property values. Property values in Historic Districts hold their value better even during times of economic downtown. In some cases, there are tax benefits to living in a Preservation Overlay.
2. FICTION: Simple maintenance in the FHD is frustrating and time consuming.
FACT: Most simple maintenance doesn’t even have to be approved. You can paint, repair, replace in kind, etc. just as easily in the FHD as anywhere else. If your work is slightly more complicated, HP Staff can often approve it quickly. When the work is extensive enough to need HPC approval, staff is happy to help throughout the process. Staff and Commission members go out of their way to help property owners in the Historic District.
3. FICTION: You can’t expand a home/business in the FHD.
FACT: Many homes and businesses downtown have been expanded over many years.
4. FICTION: New construction in the FHD must look like it was built centuries ago.
FACT: The Historic District Guidelines specifically state that new construction should NOT mimic old construction. Interesting new architecture next to old buildings is part of the charm of downtown Frederick.

The fact is more people are interested in living in places with character, style, and charm. Both aging populations and millennials are moving to town centers in record numbers. After all, why not live, work and play without having to jump in the car every time you want to go somewhere?

FUN FACT: Did you know the Union Manufacturing Company became the first company in the world to manufacture nylon stockings? DuPont Company officials secretly brought the yet-unpatented nylon material to see how if it could replace silk in making stockings. The Union Manufacturing Company is now known as Union Mills, and is in process of being rehabbed. A Historic Preservation Overlay (HPO) can protect this important reminder of our past by placing HPC review over the property.

Want to know more about living in a historic area? Contact me!

Donna Kuzemchak
Mackintosh Realtors, Inc.
301-964-9988 (direct line)
301-662-0155 (Mackintosh Office)

Explore Frederick

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Frederick, Maryland –a thriving, growing, welcoming city and county located in the heart of the state of Maryland.

Come along with me as I explore for and with you – whether you are an established resident of Frederick City or someone looking for a great place to settle – all that Frederick has to offer.

Focused on Frederick will explore art, culture, recreation, entertainment, education, business, and more in an effort to shine a light on what is valued and unique in Frederick, Maryland and perhaps offer a new perspective or two on why this particular region attracts real estate customers seeking a vibrant place to live.


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