Neighborhood Connections

Neighborhood Connections

Every jurisdiction has neighborhoods….towns, cities, suburbs, rural areas.   Neighborhood is defined as a geographically bounded community of multiple and often numerous residences.  Yet some of the most interesting and diverse neighborhoods may not be named and may not be drawn on any map.

Frederick County is divided into municipalities and developments that control where residents vote, go to school, and what services people receive.  The City of Frederick has defined neighborhoods identified as NACs, run by Neighborhood Advisory Councils.  These Councils provide citizens with avenues for obtaining neighborhood improvements and communicating with elected leaders.  You can find them easily on the map.

Neighborhood Amber Meadows

Cul de Sac Neighbors


Yet, within the City are other neighborhoods of almost every kind.  The North End Civic Association holds yearly picnics at Staley Park in Frederick.   It is well attended each year by both those who live there now and by those who lived in this neighborhood in the past. NECA just celebrated its 70th anniversary, proof of the strength of neighborhoods.

Downtown Neighborhood

New Downtown Neighborhood


Ever attended a block party?  Ever shoveled snow and finished up with hot chocolate, hot toddys?  Or played a late night game of Scrabble with the neighbors because no one could get to work the next day? How about built a snowman in your cul de sac?  Start as neighbors, become friends!


There is a cohesive neighborhood of 3 homes surrounded by multiple acres near the watershed.  Another neighborhood was brought together by resident interactions based on advocacy.  Yet another all met at the same time when they were first building their homes. Neighborhood bonds can last a lifetime.

Some of Frederick’s greatest treasures are unnamed and unmapped neighborhoods within neighborhoods. Come with me to find a home in one of the neighborhoods of Frederick.  Who knows what unexpected treasures you might find?

Mailbox Neighborhood

Meet at the mailbox!