Marching to a different beat

Armory capstone

Marching at the Armory

The Armory, on the corner of Bentz and Second Street was built in 1913 to serve Company A, First Regiment of the Maryland National Guard.  It is a beautiful example of adaptive reuse.  The armory was built in a T shape.  It has a two story “head” in the front and a long drill hall extending to the rear.  At first glance, the building front on Bentz Street reminds one of a fortress with its dark masonry construction and towers and buttresses.  Children often know this building on sight, calling it the “castle.”

Armory 1

Castle facade

After Company A moved to new quarters in the 1980’s, the building provided space for a number of social and recreational events.  In 2001, the City renovated the building.  The gymnasium that was used for marching is now used for basketball, volleyball and events. The basement is a fitness center; and smaller rooms all over the building are used for meetings, offices and storage.


Passers by no longer hear marching orders for soldiers in the drill hall.  Now, we hear the music and directions of exercise instructors for aerobic classes, the clink of exercise equipment in use in the Fitness Center, and the active voices of citizenry in the classrooms and social rooms.  Check out the brochure on the William R. Talley Recreation Center at under Recreation for the list of programs and offerings available at the Center now.

Armory Sign

Talley Recreation Center



Did you know?

William R. Talley was the first Director of Recreation for Frederick City and a man with a long legacy of coaching and a long serving supporter of recreational activities.

Do you know the name of the contractor who built the Frederick Armory in 1913?

Winter takes a hike and so should You!


Hike with Loki and his backpack

Hike with Loki and his backpack

Finally, winter took a hike; now, so can we!  It’s time to get outside and enjoy this wonderful place many of us are lucky to call home.

Spring is the perfect time to explore all kinds of inviting paths around Frederick.  You can take a hike on the 15 miles of trails at Gambrill Mountain straddling the Catoctin Mountain Ridge or take a leisurely stroll along the paved walks of Carroll Creek Linear Park with your pet on a leash.  You can increase your speed to a calorie burning pace in Baker Park from Bentz Street to Schifferstadt.  Check out the City of Frederick website ( that identifies 4 different paths around Baker Park each with different distances.

Enjoy more adventurous treks at Cunningham Falls (although I suggest you wait a few months to actually get in the Falls).  The trails there offer both short and moderate length hikes as well as a longer 8 mile loop.  Take your camera and enjoy the great overlooks  at Wolf and Chimney Rocks.

Walk some of the historic 185 mile towpath of the C&O Canal (by the way it’s open year round), the numerous trails and loops on Sugarloaf Mountain  or South Mountain where you meet the border of the Appalachian Trail.

If you love history, visit the Monocacy Battlefield for scenery and to trace the path of the battle or take a walking tour of downtown Frederick (my kids still remember the story of “Spite”) or stop at the Visitor Center in downtown Brunswick and pick up a walking tour brochure that outlines 13 stops and begins along the Potomac River.

Want company on your hike?  Check out or contact The Mountain Club of Maryland at or the local branch of the Sierra Club at  OR call your neighbor, meet at the closest park and follow the path you see.

Adrian keeps on hiking

Adrian keeps on hiking

East, West, North, and South – wherever you live in this area, a hiking adventure is waiting for you and your comfortable shoes!  You probably won’t be the first person to walk the path you find.

Did you know:  Wolf Rock is a quartzite formation that is reported to be 550 million years old. While standing there think about whose shoes might have already been in that very spot!

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Reflections on Frederick

Reflections in spring

Reflections in Carroll Creek

For years, Bill Adkins has artfully captured the essence of Frederick with his trusty camera, and this photo of reflections in Carroll Creek made me think of how I tend to reflect on my years of living in Frederick when I take an evening stroll in the park. Frederick isn’t the sleepy town I moved to in 1986.  Back then, the downtown sidewalks rolled up at 6PM. Frederick has evolved into a vibrant, eclectic community of residents, businesses, shops, and restaurants.  The City has more than doubled in size – providing friendships and possibilities I never imagined when I moved here.

This picture captures the heart of an evening walk in the park – the gentle curving brick walkway, the still water of Carroll Creek, the twilight evening, the gorgeous sky, the reflection of the walkway lining trees on the water, and the green lush grass.  The street lamps invite two walkers further along the path, and the reflection in the water invites us to contemplate the joys of life.  Ahhhh you say… a calm and quiet evening stroll….time to think and enjoy and reflect.

I see many of you strolling the downtown streets taking in the atmosphere, enjoying the architecture, checking out the storefront window displays; and I see you strolling along the Creek greeting passersby with a simple smile or a cheery hello.  I see you in Baker Park sitting on the many wonderfully placed benches just watching and seeing what that spot has to offer; and I see you in your neighborhoods enjoying our safe and eclectic community.

So what are you thinking about at those times?  What do those walks and quiet times mean to you?  What are you reflecting on?  I’d love to know and I’d love potential residents to the Frederick area to know your reflections.  Help me help them see more of what Frederick has to offer.  Submit your thoughts and comments and next time I see you on the walkway, know that your reflections have helped me better share the Frederick that we love.


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To see more of Bill Adkins’ work, go to

It’s Springin’


blue flowers

Color me blue


Doesn’t it feel a little like a seasonal April Fool?   April 1, 2016, and the cherry blossoms are just about finished, daffodils and hyacinths are blooming, tulip foliage is full and green and buds are visible, and oh good grief, grass is springing up all over and ready for mowing!

SPRINGIN’   …the arising of nature within a fairly short time from the drab dark and cold of winter to new blooming growth and beauty.  This especially early spring might feel a little like an April Fool joke but the reality of this early springin’ of blooming color in our region fills the senses and is oh so welcome.

Skip all that traffic to the DC tidal basin.  Frederick’s springin’ is more than worthy of a long walk or easy drive to view the eye popping masses of bright yellow forsythia gorgeous whether on the tips of a carefully trimmed bush or in the sprawling shoots of weeping shrubs covering a hillside, or enjoy the vision of white at the top of the trees as you travel north on South Market Street and so many other of our area streets and roads, and savor the bursts of color from bulbs so many residents carefully plant in their yards and on hillsides bordering roads whether an acre or a couple of square feet.

Uncover the patio furniture early this year and breathe in the fresh air.  Enjoy an early April Day on the deck of your townhomes and hang a birdfeeder.  Get out on the balcony of your apartments and enjoy the view.  There is nothing like livin’ in Frederick for “Springin”!

Weather forecast for International Falls, Minnesota for April 1 is temperature of 29 degrees with a mix of snow and rain.  Ready to move to Frederick, MD?


Exploding Forsythia

trimmed forsythia

Coiffed Forsythia

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