A Walk in the Park

Creek Walkers

Who would have thought a walk in the park would look like this? I’m not one to take long walks in the cold, but these people sure look like they’re having fun!

And the ice on Carroll Creek Linear Park is a great reminder that tomorrow is my favorite First Saturday of the year – Fire in Ice. Downtown Frederick Partnership provides some great events throughout the year that make it fun to live in downtown Frederick, and Fire in Ice is at the top of my list.

Ice sculptures, live ice sculpting, fire dancing, an ice playground and s’more treats abound in downtown on this evening each year, and the result is spectacular! With almost no chance of precipitation and highs in the 40’s, tomorrow will be perfect to enjoy this little sl-ice of Heaven. I can’t wait to share the pictures with you!

If you’d like to live where the fun continues year-round, contact me at donnak@machomes.com or 301-964-9988.

Photo from The Photo Shop.

You can visit Bill Adkins’ blog, A Year on Market, at http://www.ayearonmarket.com

Visit http://www.downtownfrederick.org to get a list of times and events.